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Classic cakes

We tried to make our best to create a really diverse cake collection to help you find the perfect one. You can choose from a lot of flavour combination and decoration too. A delicious cake can be only made from the finest ingredients with a lot of care, that is our basic principle. This is how our classic cakes were born, made from high quality chocolate, home-made creams and our seasonal jams.

mousse cakes

If you prefer the lighter cakes, you came to the right place. Minimalist but elegant design combined with soft, fruity flavors inside. Our mousse cakes are made with juicy sponge cakes, luscious fruit inserts and tender mousse layers.


Our cake shop is closed on Sundays.

We can only accept orders for Sunday with a pickup on Saturday (day before).

Thank you for your understanding!


Szívemcsücske Team